Gynecomastia/Male Breast Reduction/ Man Boobs

Also known as male chest, male breast, male boobs or just MOOBS, Gynecomastia refers to enlargement of grandular tissue of male breast. While it may be a part of puberty for young boys, it can happen due to hormonal problems or being overweight as well.

Some of the causes of gynecomastia are:

  • Use of corticosteroids
  • Antibiotic use
  • Narcotic drugs
  • Estrogen
  • Drugs for heartburn
  • Anti-anxiety medication use
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Obesity
  • Low testosterone levels
  • Cirrhosis of liver
  • Chronic kidney failure

Symptoms of Gynecomastia?

Enlargement of male breast (one or both)
Breast tissue swelling
Breast/nipple may be painful/tender

When can you have the gynecomastia surgery?

The surgery is generally sought by the boys in their late teens and it can be sought by any patient between age 20 to 60 years. The best candidates for gynecomastia correction in Punjab are healthy, emotionally stable men of this age group.

Surgery is not an option for obese or overweight men who have not first attempted to correct the problem with exercising or dieting. Individuals who smoke or drink heavily are also discouraged from undergoing this procedure unless complete cessation of the smoking and drinking.

Why gynecomastia surgery is needed?

While it may seem that gynecomastia is not physically harmful and it generally doesn’t lead to any disturbance in bodily functions, there is a deep psychological affect that the condition has on patients.

The presence of abnormal fat at the wrong places might be psychologically disturbing for the patient. It can keep the patient from performing certain activities that involve wearing tight clothing or baring the chest.

Glandular tissue that gets accumulated around the nipple area does not decrease in size even with exercise and dieting, so surgery is the only solution.

What entails gynecomastia surgery?

Gynecomastia surgery in Punjab entails surgical excision, liposuction or a combination of both to bring out the best results from the treatment. If gynecomastia has resulted due to accumulation of fat, liposuction may be beneficial.


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