Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck/Abdominoplasty is a useful procedure to restore firmness after pregnancy. It can help recontour the abdominal region following major weight loss. The procedure generally takes around 3 to 4 hours.

Right candidates

Tummy Tuck surgery is most effective if you are close to year ideal body weight but have loose abdominal skin from weakened muscles from weight loss, pregnancy, or effects of aging.

During the Procedure...

During tummy tuck surgery in Punjab, an incision is made from one hip to another above the pubic area, mostly long with ‘bikini line’. After the incision, abdominal muscles and the surrounding tissue are tightened with stitches. Liposuction can be combined to refine the contours and remove fat and excess skin.

For how long will the patient need to stay in the hospital after the procedure?

After the tummy tuck surgery, maximum stay in the hospital will be for 2 days.

What happens after the tummy tuck surgery in Chandigarh?

After the surgery, you will be provided a compression bandage to wear. Temporary tubes may be placed to drain the excess fluid and get relief from swelling. Most people can return to work in about 2 weeks after the tummy tuck procedure but it is best to avoid strenuous activities for 4 weeks.

How much scarring will be there after the procedure?

The extent of scarring will largely depend up on how major your procedure has been. A good cosmetic surgeon in Chandigarh always works towards minimizing the chances of scarring.


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